Federal Appeals Court Affirms Right to Call Outfielder a "Fat Ass" - Lowering the Bar

That whole site is comedy gold.

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A long-time judge in my hometown (as in, 30+ years on the bench after 17 in private practice) just passed away. It’s probably a testament to the respect he commanded throughout the community that people like myself, who never had any reason to visit a courtroom, still knew who he was and his reputation.

Of course, his nickname was “Old Hang-‘em-High”…


More bluntly…


"So, here’s another change for you: if you really think feminism, or women, are destroying games, or that LGBT people and LGBT relationships have no place in games, or that games in any way belong to you or are “under attack” from political correctness or “social justice warriors”: please leave this website. I don’t want your clicks, I don’t want your hits, I don’t want your traffic. Leave now and please don’t come back."


Tim Colwill,

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“What is that thing?” “It’s a helical undulator.” “So…a rabbit vibe?”


Scanning some of this week’s Physical Review titles. “Undulator” is a weird word.




This is the email I woke up to. Terrifying.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do at this point. Within ten minutes of sounding the alarm via Twitter, my account had been restored, but I’m one of the lucky ones. I have the privilege of asking tens of thousands of people to write into Tumblr on my behalf, and I can only imagine how helpless someone might feel who woke up to the same letter with no way to do anything about it.

I went back and searched through my old email address. Sure enough, under the “Social” tab of a gmail account that I never use anymore were a handful of Tumblr DMCA notices, all originating from some sniveling cunt stain named Jeremy Banks of the IFPI. I saw none of the notices until this morning, not that it would have mattered, because they were all for songs that I posted years ago.

I’ve been posting music for over half a damn decade. I have no idea what songs Jeremy Banks is suddenly going to give a shit about. Short of deleting every song I’ve ever posted, there’s nothing I can do to retroactively protect myself from this kind of arbitrary account termination.

Shit, we all post music. We all click the little box. We all know damn well that we don’t own the copyright, but we do it anyway. We’re not stealing. We’re not making money off the backs of musicians. We’re sharing our favorite songs with our friends.

God damn, I’m still shaking from all the adrenaline. I’m genuinely upset right now. People are suggesting that I export my blogs and migrate to independent hosting, but I don’t want to have to do that.

I love Tumblr. I love the community it fosters. I love my dashboard full of people I follow, and I love the interactions I have with all the people who follow me. I don’t want to leave Tumblr, but I don’t want to be so beholden to the whims of some DMCA termination robot either.

At the very least, I need to find a way to separate and protect Dear Coquette and my other blogs where I’ve never posted any music.

Ugh. This is not good. This is not good at all.

This is so impossibly stupid. Do the attorneys issuing the takedown notices know how much music I alone have discovered though Coketalk — and others I follow — on Tumblr, discoveries that led to me purchasing music and buying tickets to shows? And then for fucking Tumblr to start ripping down longtime users’ blogs because of music that was posted years ago when the site’s policies about posting music were looser/less restrictive?! I received an email from Tumblr warning that my blog would be taken down for some copyright violation but then didn’t bother to link to alleged violation or give me even the slightest clue as to what it may have been. 

Doltish dicks, all around.

Fix your shit, Tumblr.

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Gopher volleyball opens its season tonight with the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. The game programs will look a little different than this 1987 media guide…

This is fucking incredible.

Paging bendawson

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For The First Time Ever, All Four Eyewitness Accounts of The Murder of Michael Brown Put In Chronological OrderThe most detailed side-by-side telling of each eyewitness account of the Mike Brown murder in chronological order #JusticeForMichaelBrown [@ShaunKing]

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