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Now I want to know what civic leader and captain of industry that was, and just what’s named after him.

  • Me: Um…you see that utility box on the other corner?
  • My wife: Yeah…
  • Me: Is that a “Joan Cusack” tag on it?
  • My wife: Oh, yeah. Somebody's been tagging things all over town with her name. You hadn't heard?

The City of Vancouver: Bring the Giant Satan-With-an-Erection Statue Back to East Vancouver



City crews remove satan statue erected alongside busy Vancouver roadway

Meanwhile, in Canada:

People in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood were doing double-takes Tuesday morning after spotting a statue of satan erected along Grandview Highway near Clark Drive.

The large red statue, complete with horns and a tail, is anatomically “complete.”

The City of Vancouver says it’s aware of the statue, but did not commission it.

Yes. Most impressive.

Photo Set

I took a drive this evening while performing a software update on our car. I had not realized how pretty Iona Beach is at dusk.


10 / hr to sit in a car.

Hi, I haven’t driven for several years and I have a valid Driver’s license. I’m going to rent a car. Rather than take a defensive driving course, I’d rather just have a day for someone to hang out while I rent a car and watch that I don’t crash. Please understand it’s been a long long time since I drove so I will definetely suck. 

You don’t have to have any particular large-scale skills or background. Just be very chill. People who freak out in a car are just not cool. Other than that, everything should be good. Interested?

Sounds legit…


This is how we deter crime in Canada.

UPDATE: You can download the sign in PDF here.

(via @VancouverPD)


The Canucks’ David Booth. Wait for it…



Yup. Definitely Stupid Criminal Week.